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Comedian Guy Earle Is Coming To Montreal

Written by Patrick Rice on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Brace yourself for a night of fun and Laughter!
In addition there will be an ALL-STAR line-up of 5 comics
Price: $10 regular OUR GROUP PRICE $4.95 INCLUDES ONE DRINK!!
Note: This event will be sold out so rsvp as soon as possible so you are not disappointed!

7:30 pm
Comedy Nest
Comedy Nest Pepsi Forum
2313 Ste-Catherine W. (Atwater/Ste-Catherine)
Price: $10 regular our group price $4.95 includes one drink

Guy Earle is coming for an exclusive one night event THE NOTORIOUS GUY EARLE! You may have read about Guy Earle earlier this month in all the press regarding his British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal court case where he has a claim against him for $15,000 for an altercation that took place during his act on stage in Vancouver. Guy does social commentary with a wacky slant and talks about Canada, national identity and diversity He has been doing stand-up since 1988, been on stage over 1200 times and is the original COMIC FREEDOM FIGHTER! Guy Earle is not a man who struggles with telling you what’s on his mind, but he does so in a way that keeps his audience connected. His message is clear but he doesn’t beat his audiences to death with his opinions or shame them if they happen to feel differently. He speaks his mind in his own way, with his own sense of timing. There is a genuine flow to his act that pulls the audience in and endears Earle to them. His willingness to be himself onstage is one of the qualities that makes Guy Earle one of the most original and respected comics to hit the comedy scene in recent years . Take the unconventional, the unexpected, and occasionally, the unthinkable. Now make it all accessible, refreshingly original, and downright hilarious, and you begin to have a small glimpse into the stand-up comedy of Guy Earle
In a decision that could chill stand-up comics countrywide, the tribunal rejected Earle’s defense that he has a right to freedom of expression when performing his comedy routines.

Last month Guy Earle was fined $15000 and banned from doing comedy in BC.
In 2007 there was an altercation between comic Guy Earle and a lady in a comedy club in Vancouver. While performing on stage she heckled him . Guy insulted her . She threw a drink on him. The next day she filed a complaint with the BC Human Right Commission which resulted last month in a $15,000 fine against Guy Earle and banned from doing comedy in BC. Guy Earle never had an opportunity to testify in his own defence!
Anyone who heckles in a comedy club had better expect some insults. Shouldn’t we all have a human right to some common sense?

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