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Meeting Scottie Pippen

Written by Patrick Rice on Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Now I  can truly say that I had a ‘Brush with Greatness’.

Scottie Pippen has been voted 1 of the 50th greatest players to ever play in the NBA and my family and I met him last night.

In case you’re not sure who Scottie Pippen is, he won 6 NBA championships playing along side Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

After a long day of lounging at the beach and visiting numerous  shopping malls, we decided to grab some supper for take-out and head home. We  avoided some traffic lights by cutting through a strip mall filled with restaurants, tattoo parlours and a pharmacy. Upon reaching the upscale cafe of ‘Cafe Martorano’, we noticed a black Escalade blocking our path. We came to a stop behind their vehicle and waited a couple seconds until my eyes noticed a tall guy with some friends in front of the cafe. I yelled to my daughter, Alisha “Get a pen and pad and get his autograph. That’s Pippen!”.  I practically threw her out the car as I could not move since I had the take-out food on my lap…I wasn’t driving.  She approached him and began talking. I quickly dropped the food on my seat and jumped out the car.

Scottie was very gracious in signing his autograph and we had time to talk a bit. I mentioned I was from Montreal here on vacation and I’m always checking out the different nightlife venues (as I slipped him and his female friend from Toronto some business cards). He asked if I ever partied in Miami in which I said “No, but I plan to”. I closed by letting Scottie know he should visit Montreal sometime and when he does…to hit me up.

So Scottie, if you ever read this post, we’d love to do an interview with you.

Too bad I didn’t notice we had our digital camera in the car :(

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