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My Visit To Mica Lounge

Written by eadelson on Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Me at Mica Lounge
On saturday night, I stepped out with 3 of my closest girlfriends for a night a Mica Lounge. I can honestly say that in my four years in Montreal (and ample nights of partying in the city’s nightclubs), I have never had a club experience like the one I had a Mica.
Let me explain,
The Mica experience, from what I observed, is all about meeting the customer’s needs and surpassing expectations. Mica delivers a unique and innovative customer experience by offering unusual services that outdo the competition. When we arrived at Mica, we were greeted by the bar manager and offered a glass of champagne and a key. We were told that the evening was a celebration of “women” and the keys we were given unlocked a cage on the dance floor where a male stripper danced. The girl with the winning key (i.e. the key that opened the lock) was invited to remove the stripper’s clothes, dance in the cage and receive unlimited drinks all night long. Naturally, we were baffled by the cage and the stripper, but soon realized that this was a brilliant strategy for reaching a female demographic. This is because most clubs hire female bartenders and servers who dress in skimpy outfits as a way of catering to their male audience. Female club goers are forced to accept this blatant hyper-sexualization as part of the ‘club experience’ without so much as a bated eyelash. At Mica, customers weren’t ogling at the bartenders, but at the male stripper, an interesting reversal of club’s hyper-sexualized appeal.
As the night progressed, Mica filled up with more people with an even mix between girls and guys. My friends and I met some guys at the bar, as we usually do. When the manager offered us bottle service on the house, we kindly accepted, and moved to the dance floor where the bottle was offered to us with a wonderful selection of juices, salted nuts and pretzels, and fresh fruit. We enjoyed the addition of the fresh fruit as an interesting twist to the typical mixed drink. As we drank our bottle and danced around the stripper cage, we noticed that the boys who so confidently approached us minutes before disappeared. Further, guys on the dance floor wouldn’t dare come near us, presumably for fear that ladies with a bottle had no interest in socializing with them. 
So here we are, four fantastic women with a 26 oz bottle of Vodka, and no club friends to share it with. My friend Danai commented that if we were two single guys, girls would be on us like butter on toast, and our bottle would be finished in no time. As girls, it was almost as though we had taken away a guy’s easiest pickup line of, “can I buy you a drink?” since we had an overflowing selection of our own. 
To all eligible men reading this blog, I have the following suggestions for you:
Firstly, don’t think that buying a girl a drink is the only way to score some time with her. Asking a girl to dance or paying her a compliment are just as effective, and sometimes even more sincere that a free shot or drink.
Secondly, stop being intimidated by girls who know how to have fun in a club. My girlfriends and I are always down for a good time in a club, and we make it happen for ourselves. We don’t need to be surrounded by men to have a good time, but we do enjoy being in the company of interesting people. Ask a girl to dance, strike up a conversation, and get over your insecurities or it will come back to bite you in the behind when you’re alone in the club.
Mica was an evening of interesting experiences. I was forced to reconsider the gendered assumptions and stereotypes of club life, which ultimately proved Mica’s unique positioning strategy for reaching out to their female clientele. Check Mica out for yourself and have a blast!
Erica Adelson

2 Responses to “My Visit To Mica Lounge”

  1. Jenn JRF says:

    YES! you are so right?
    WTF is it with guys who hate the thought of girls taking away their masculinity buy getting their own bottle?
    Great article. I really like this site!

  2. Patrick Rice says:

    Very good article, Erica. i think it takes most guys alot of courage to speak to a woman for fear of being turned down. For all the insecure guys out there, why don’t you tell them how they can meet women without being too pushy but remain interesting?

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