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The Importance of Leaving Reviews and Ratings

Written by Patrick Rice on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

by Patrick Rice

The strength of Noxwire comes from our in-depth reviews of Bars, Lounges, Supper Clubs, Nightclubs, Events, and any other such venue that people may want to partake in for their nightlife activity. We’re not in the business of allowing clubs per se, to post their description on our website because our job is to give you an honest look and feel of these establishments without any type of bias one way or another. 

But our job would not be entirely complete without your help. To make Noxwire your primary source of nightlife information, we would like to encourage our Noxwire readers to leave reviews and rate the places you have visited. Let me explain why.

1. By leaving your own review is a good way letting others know your personal thoughts on such a place. Yes, we may have visited the same night spots as you, but we might have gone on a good night, or even on an off night. But the sum of all your reviews will make up the general consensus.

2. Why not let the owners of these venues know exactly what you think of their establishments? If you find the doormen rude, let them know it. If your food arrived cold, make some noise about it. If you find you had the best night of your life, let’s hear it.

So the next time you feel leaving a review is worthless, think again. Voicing your opinion is bound to make some sort of difference.

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